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Meccanism Raya Collection

Mari rayakan Bulan Ramadhan dan sambut Hari Raya Lebaran bersama Meccanism Indonesia

Since 2013 Meccanism has fulfilled the wishes of Indonesian Muslim women who want to look beautiful, simple, and casual in wearing Muslim clothing. Tasya nur Medina & Zaskia Adya Mecca believes that the Muslim market in Indonesia will continue to grow and Meccanism is confident that we can compete for that market.

As we know that the world of fashion is now increasingly popular and trending. One fashion trend that is no less interesting is Muslim fashion, where currently Muslim clothing itself is available in many interesting variations and choices. Especially in Indonesia, the majority of the people are Muslim, so the hijab is a necessity that cannot be separated from Muslim women.

The development of halal business in the digital world has triggered Tasya & Zaskia to go with the flow, plus their changed status from women to wives, want to be independent, want to have their own business, want to have activities. This is the beginning of the forerunner of Meccanism, a Muslim casual brand that was present among one of the largest Muslim markets in the world 6 years ago.